Johan Slabbert - BCC Pastoral Family

  • Johan and Ilze have been married for 34 years and have 4 children, namely Janie, Talitha, Christiaan and Joshua.  Johan and Ilze have served in 2 churches as the pastoral couple. The first of these was a non-denominational church where they served for 7 years. The second, where they have been for the past 11 years, is BCC, a REACH South Africa church.

Vivian Potgieter - Youth & Children's Worker

  • Vivian is married to Margie and they have two wonderful girls, Lizelle and Suzette. Vivian and Margie host Real kids and Teens on Friday evenings. He spent 21 years doing Student Ministry at CPUT before moving to BCC fulltime to begin Youth and Children’s ministry in 2013.
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Trevor Peterson - Minister's Warden

  • Trevor acts as a friend and listening ear to Pastor Johan. He keeps the Pastor accountable in is daily walk with God. 

Dieter Smit - Camp & Outings

  • Dieter is responsible for camps and socials. He is supported (supervised!) by his wife, Hayley, and their three daughters.

Robert Bougard - People's Warden

  • Robert is that friendly face that’s always willing to listens to the needs and complaints of the church members. Together with his wife, Diane, they do house visitations.

Nicolas Saal - Library

  • Nicolas and his wife, Natasha, heads up the church library. When he is not helping people find books, then he can be found developing computer programs on his laptop.

Thierry Niyoyukuri - African Diaspora

  • Thierry leads the African diaspora fellowship group in BCC. When they meet they encourage one another to do the work of God in different ways.

Bert Vos - Treasurer

  • Bert has the difficult job of recorded and vetting all the church’s finances.

Augi de Freitas - Secretary to Council

  • Augi is a man of process and policies. Among other things, he ensures that the council abides by the REACH-SA Constitution.