About Us

Theologically we identify totally with the protestant, evangelical and reformed heritage of that day. We hold to the same insistence on the inspiration and final authority of Scripture, the fallenness and helplessness of sinful man, the sufficiency of the finished work of the God-Man, Jesus Christ our Lord, the necessity for new birth through the power of the Holy Spirit, justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ received by faith alone, and the necessity for holiness as the only adequate evidence of the new life.

Liturgically, we have sought to retain the reverent spirit of the reformers of old, without slavishly following the traditional letter.

As to our mission, we are aggressive but not superficial in evangelism, and have, after a period of being part of the evangelical retreat, recognised our responsibility to be salt and light in all aspects of society. Our theological college is seeking to rise to the intellectual and social challenges of the new South Africa and the new Western world, but without compromising the unchanging message of salvation through Christ alone, or accommodating it to modern whims and fancies.